Sam Watkins

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learn programming

Programming is a fun challenge,
like solving puzzles, but creative.
learn programming with me!
We can do games, apps, graphics,
music, net, math, processing...

friends' websites - my dad - netstar, great music!
yourensemble - fashion blog


mandelbrot mb6 mb.b mb2.b

some of my projects - Aikido and Aiki-jujutsu   gita   old t   new t   quran
• My game rescue, for Pandora
cz - my programming language - shared Internet server
nipl tools - little scripts and tools
edict - learn Japanese or Chinese
arcs - syncing/history/backup tool
tachyon httpd - shiny web server
a2b - universal file converter
freens - easy DNS management
fast get - fast in-order parallel http
axel proxy - web proxy server in sh
xdark.c - invert / dim your X display
ssh fast - set of tools for fast ssh
bomsnarf - record the Au weather
ccoro - coroutine library in ANSI C
coroutines - a better coro lib (mirror)
hip - hack in pairs (over the net)
formless - tsv → html forms

other stuff

• five yoga exercises, printable
• how to love your partner
• how to cure cancer by fasting
• how to brush for healthy gums
co2 and forests - plant trees
• speedy firefox, HTTP pipelining
cargo bridge catapult.avi youtube
• using qemu (on an Eee PC 900)
• extending vps disk space
• model the shape of a planet
• my talk on peer coding at OSDC
• storing contacts in plain text files
grimm's household tales, plain text
• how to get rid of internet ads now!
Tobira no Mukou e
sleep advice
• the law of justice