apple computer's ultimate fail

The Apple Computer company has enjoyed much success, and a few failures over the years:

sadmac    apple-fail-1    apple-fail-2

However, their latest failure, in the iPhone SDK license agreement, is monumental:

3.3.1 Applications may only use Documented
APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and
must not use or call any private APIs.
Applications must be originally written in
Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as
executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine,
and only code written in C, C++, and
Objective-C may compile and directly link
against the Documented APIs (e.g.,
Applications that link to Documented APIs
through an intermediary translation or
compatibility layer or tool are

This will drive many developers including me away from the iPhone and Apple forever.

I am developing my own dialect of C, which is very similar to standard C, and translates fairly cleanly to C.  It has some interesting and unusual features.  Although technically my language can run on any platform where there is a C compiler, I am no longer allowed to use it on the Apple platform.  How far does this stupidity go?  Am I not allowed to write scripts and macros to generate C code for me?  Am I not allowed to use scripting languages like Lua with my programs?

This is the single worst rotten apple software licensing condition ever!

I personally promise, in reaction to this stupidity, that I will never develop for an Apple platform or buy an Apple product.  I won't waste my time developing for such a bogus proprietary platform anyway, when there are much better devices that use free software.

How do I know Apple won't add new license conditions later on, saying I'm not allowed to use their SDK because my surname begins with 'W'?  I can't trust this company at all, I can't trust them to keep their platform even vaguely open.  Therefore I won't support their platform, or buy their hardware, and I will actively discourage people from supporting Apple.

How dare they base their SDK on gcc, the GNU C Compiler, and their browser on KDE Konqueror, then license their software like this?

Bad, bad Apple!  You are making Microsoft look good by comparison, and it takes a lot of fail to achieve that.

Sam Watkins
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