getting rid of cancer: fast

I think the best way to defeat cancer is by fasting or dieting.  Cancer needs lots of energy and protein to maintain itself and to grow.  If you starve yourself a bit, the cancer suffers much more than you do.

Vegetarians have a much lower rate of cancer, less than half the normal rate.  The adult body is not growing, and needs very little protein.  People who eat lots of meat, dairy or eggs have a huge excess of protein in their diet.  Cancer would use that protein to grow.  Without that protein, it cannot grow.

If you have cancer, rest and relax, don't exercise or worry too much.  If you exercise, your body needs much more energy, so you will eat more, and the cancer will take some of that energy.  If you take away most of the protein and energy a cancer needs to grow, it can't grow.

So, to cure and avoid cancer, fast for at least two weeks (just water, optionally with a vitamin supplement).  Then you can resume eating, but don't eat high-protein foods such as meat, dairy or eggs, and don't eat too much sugar, carbohydrates or fat.  Take care with what you are eating, avoid eating too much, and especially avoid protein and sugar.  Keep your energy intake as low as possible (low calories).

A friend of mine got rid of a large tumor in his neck like this.  He fasted for two weeks, then followed a simple vegetarian diet over a period of two months or so.  He ate mostly cabbage and pumpkin, gradually returning to a normal diet (or I suppose a better diet).

Another friend pointed out that the body in trying to provide energy to vital organs will seek out foreign matter to metabolise, including cancerous cells. This unique mode will only occur during fasting.

This method is simple, but I think it's basically a sound and effective way to get better from cancer.

Sam Watkins

Please Note: I am not a doctor.
I am not an cancer expert.
I am a programmer with a website.

Please doubt what I say, and think for yourself!

I collected some cancer quotes that support my reasoning.  I hope they encourage you to take my suggestions seriously.  Please read some of them.

I wrote a response cancer 2, for the people who replied aggressively to this post.

I wrote about the lady who fasted for 40 days, three times.  She fasted with only water for 120 days in total, posting videos of her experience on youtube.  (She did not have cancer.)  Her health improved as a result of the fasting.

Here’s an article about a study which shows that avoiding sugar gives a much better hope of surviving cancer: feeds cancer growth

Here's a young guy who fasted for 28 days, and greatly improved his health.  Based on his research, he also says that fasting can prevent and possibly cure cancer.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
  -- Michael Pollan

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