the lady who fasted

I posted on how to cure cancer by fasting.
Several people did not like, so I have been looking for further evidence to support my reasoning.

Perhaps you've seen these videos on youtube, a lady Aaron Cohen did 3 consecutive 40 day fasts (spaced by 1 week with food).  If she lost that much weight, I think any tumors would have lost a lot of weight also.

She certainly did lose a lot of weight, including I guess most of the protein in her body, and I don't see why any cancers would be excluded from the weight loss. I suggest that cancers might be more vulnerable than normal body protein, and would be entirely consumed during the fasting. They certainly wouldn't continue to grow. How can a person die of cancer if the cancer cannot grow?

day 1: Qviei7g

day 40:

day 80: 09Z 9ZpZyk

day 120:

1 month later:

She's looking fine, "I have stabilized at about a normal 120 pounds and have suffered no ill effect due to the fasting. Everything checks out medically, and I am healthier now than when I began the fasts."

6 months later:

"I am pregnant now, in good health,
and my weight fluctuates between 115 - 125 lbs."

From a comment on that last video:

"There is one thing I would like to point out to everyone. Look at how healthy and rejuvenated Aaron is. She looks like she is 22 and does not look like she has had any children. Before the fasts she looked like she was pushing 50. You look like one of the Robert Palmer girls in "Addicted to Love". I could only hope to find a girl someday with that brand of sheer will."

If fasting like that, or even less extremely, did not cure most any kind of cancer, I would be very surprised indeed.  If you have cancer, please try it and see.

On a different note, if you have cancer from smoking too much, I suggest that you don't try to quit smoking until you cure the cancer.  Quitting may likely cause extra stress, loss of sleep, etc., which would hinder recovery from the cancer.  I think it would be better to wait until you've finished your fasting, then reduce the smoking gradually to a reasonable level.

Similarly, don't exercise too much when you have cancer, you'll raise your metabolism and increase blood flow to the cancer.  It's better to do something gentle like yoga or meditation.  Make sure you get plenty of sleep, and don't worry or get stressed.  Easier said than done I'm sure, but stressing is not going to help, and might make things worse.

Sam Watkins