Sam Watkins


  • enthusiasm, innovation, and careful attention to detail
  • 17+ years of professional coding: Python, C, JavaScript, Perl, Java, C++, Shell
  • Linux / UNIX devops, systems, networking, software tools, AI, data science
  • full stack web app and database development: Apache, NGINX, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • debugging, maintaining, repairing, and deploying "difficult" legacy software
  • math, physics, modular design: "Simplicity, Clarity, Generality!", the UNIX philosophy
  • SDL, OpenGL, 2D and 3D graphics, image and video processing, audio and music synthesis
  • I enjoy teaching, tutoring, mentoring for programming, math, and physics; and creating e-learning apps.
  • I can build custom PCs for gaming, video production, and general use; and service and repair PCs.
  • I am selling custom digital art based on Fractals, learning aids for Japanese and Chinese, and Fine Art prints.

Work History

2004-present:Freelance Software Developer at Ultra Code Monkey, my own small business.
2021-present:Freelance Software Developer with Toptal, a growing network of top talent in the world.
2021-present:Freelance Software Developer with Tekt Industries, an award-winning IoT electronics company.
2020-present:Online Tutor (math and programming) at Try Coaching, my own small business.
2020-present:Building custom PCs and servicing PCs at NVPC systems, my own small business.
2020-present:Selling art products and resources at Fractal Designs and Fine Art HD, my own businesses.
2010-2019:Analyst Programmer at Linfox Armaguard, Australia's leader in currency management.
2008-2009:Software Developer at 247ads.com.au, an online classifieds, directory and advertising service.
2007:Software Developer at Editure (aka Schoolsnet), service provider for Australian schools.
2003-2004:Software Developer at FastMail.FM, an innovative email provider.
2000-2002:Software Developer at myinternet Limited (aka Schoolsnet), service provider for Australian schools.


1998-1999:Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science and Software Engineering) at Swinburne University.
I completed two of three years with good grades, and worked as a tutor, then started work at Schoolsnet.
1996:Bachelor of Music at Melbourne University (completed 1 year).
1993-1994:VCE at Luther College, Croydon
1993:International Mathematical Olympiad, Australian Team Member (reserve)
1989-1993:Mathematical Olympiad enrichment programme
1989-1992:Melbourne Grammar School, South Yarra
1982-1988:Chum Creek Primary School, Healesville


family, music, reading, Aikido, rock climbing, ice skating, cycling, hiking;
AI, game development, digital music, free software, Japanese language;
programming languages, relational graph programming, flow-based programming;
digital graphics, math, fractals, video games, Japanese, Chinese, fine art