abusive responses to my post about how to cure cancer

I posted on how to cure cancer by fasting.
Several people did not like:

> What a load of codswallop. I'm embarrassed to see something so silly ...

> pseudoscientific ramblings ... What the hell makes you so arrogant ... I call BS ... (not) qualified to have an opinion ...

> OMFG, you're giving medical advice? Based on one anecdotal case? FFS what sort of an idiot are you?

> "If you didn’t run code written by assholes, your machine wouldn’t boot" ... Some sweet code has been written by gun nuts, lechers, holocaust deniers and (in at least once case) someone who believes that fasting will cure cancer.

My reply:

I'm disappointed to see that you don't respect me, or my blog post about fasting and cancer.  Someone wrote that I am arrogant.  In what way am I arrogant, for posting my ideas and my informed opinion?  Perhaps someone who replies with insults and without respect is more arrogant than me.

There are a large number of people around the world who agree with me that fasting and diet can help to cure cancer.  People have written books about it, and many people have survived cancer when fasting or following a restricted diet, including my friend.  I do not know whether anyone has done a proper controlled study on this topic.

I had a look around on the web just now, and found that an Austrian Rudolf Breuss recommended fasting for 42 days, with a limited diet of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, to cure cancer.  His book has sold 900,000 copies.  I have not read his book, and do not agree with all of his ideas, but I do support this general method to recover from Cancer: fasting and restricting the diet to dramatically lower protein and caloric intake.

More than 45,000 people recovered from cancer while following Breuss's dietary advice during his lifetime.  He wrote that "the only patients that died were patients that were given something to eat", breaking their fast.  I don't know whether I can believe that, but I suppose he was very successful in curing the majority of his patients.  If his testimony is true, the statistics constitute rock-solid proof that his methods can almost always cure cancer.

As I said before, I am not vegetarian, however I can see that cancer needs protein and energy to grow and sustain itself.  This pro-vegetarian website shows strong evidence that cancer is correlated to meat (and dairy) intake around the world: http://www.vegsource.com/harris/cancer vegdiet.htm

It's surprising to me that people react violently against my reasoning, while it appears very clear, simple and obvious to me.

If you want to post comments to my blog that other people will read and reply to, rather than just me, please make them a little more civil and a little less judgemental.

My post was mostly based on my own reasoning.  An unprejudiced person may search the web for 'cancer + fasting' or 'cancer + vegetarian' and find a large quantity of references, scholarly articles, papers, studies, general articles, and testimonials.  I don't know whether anyone has done a good controlled study on fasting / intelligent dieting for cancer remedy, with a large enough population.  I have not found such a study.  There have been several significant and supportive epidemiological studies.

Sam Watkins